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Linde double coulmn rectifier

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Linde double coulmn rectifier

Post by abdo2005 on Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:04 am

a single/double column:

Based on his air liquefaction principle Carl von Linde constructed the first air separation plant for oxygen production in 1902, using a single column rectification system.
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In 1910, he set the basis for the cryogenic air separation principle with the development of a double-column rectification system. Now it was possible to produce pure oxygen and pure nitrogen simultaneously:
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Below the low pressure column a pressure co-lumn was installed. At the top of this column pure
nitrogen was drawn off, liquefied in a condenser and fed to the low pressure column serving as reflux. At the top of this low pressure column pure gaseous nitrogen was withdrawn as pro-duct while liquid oxygen evaporated at the bottom of this column to deliver the pure gaseous oxygen product. This principle of double column rectification combining the condenser and eva-porator to form a heat exchanger unit is still used today.

The principle of double-column rectification is characterized through the combination of condenser and evaporator to form a common heat exchanger unit.
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By this means the rectification is divided into two separate areas with different pressures.

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Re: Linde double coulmn rectifier

Post by osama ahmed on Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:30 pm

great post hommy keep it up...... if u have any details a bout this (mechanism or somethin ) it will better Wink

osama ahmed
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