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Rules of Posts

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Rules of Posts

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:10 pm

First of all Welcome to our forum (your forum too Very Happy )and we hope you spend a wonderful and useful time while you logged in/visit the forum.

For the sake of structured and easy access forum we put those Rules and we hope all the Members to commit.

1.Members must respect and commitment to ethics, and avoid all forms of abuse.

2.search before you post, to make sure that your post content is not already in the forum

3.Do not put attractive titles not related to the content of the article in order to attract readers,do your best to make your title give a good expression about its content.

4.Don't Post to advertising other forums

5.Posts should be always in the right section,If not the admin will relocate it immediately.

have a good stay Wink

**this rules subject to adjustable**

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